Behead The Giant, Behead el gigante

There are giants in the land! Behead the giants that have infiltrated your land!!!! Satan uses many tactics to derail you in your walk with God. One of the oldest tricks in his little book is making things look bigger than what they really are! Financial situations, enemies, daily living situations, problems in relationships, problems in marriages, etc. STOP focusing on how BIG your problem LOOKS! START FOCUSING ON HOW BIG YOUR GOD IS! God is bigger than any problem or situation!

Behead Your Giant

Remember Joshua! He told his men to go and spy out the land. Some came back with a report of fear saying that there were giants in the land. Some came back with a report of faith that there was prosperity in the land.

Remember Hannah, 1 Samuel 1, she was teased by her husbands concubine Pininnah because she was childless. She went to the temple and cried out to God in prayer for a man child and God answered her prayers.

Remember the woman with the issue of blood. She touched Jesus as he was moving through the crowd. This woman was sick and tired of being sick and tired! She was so sick and tired she pressed her way through a crowded street just to touch the hem of his garment! She was instantly healed as soon as she touched his garment.

Are you sick and tired yet of the giants in your land? Look at your situation and realize there’s nothing too hard for God no matter what it looks like. Allow your faith to move you in this hour! Stop waiting around, press your way to supernatural healing and deliverance through worship, prayer and fasting and BEHEAD THE GIANTS IN YOUR LAND!

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