The Omega Trumpet: The purpose, the call and the gift

How many of you are just sitting on your gifts?  How many of you have not accepted the call of God on your life?   Romans 11:29 states “For the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance”.  God has called and gifted you and he will not turn from his decision.  It is time to get in order with God and the call and purpose he has for you.  Get in alignment with his will for your life.

Has it ever occurred to you that you might be suffering because you are not in the place where God called you?  It’s not that God is punishing you but in order to enjoy the abundant life that Jesus came to give us we must be in alignment with God and with the plan that he has for our life.   Do you know that you have a purpose and a calling?  Yes, that’s right, God has gifted you and called you for such a time as this.  Just as God called Esther at a time of uncertainty (Esther 4:7-9) and used her to deliver his people (the Jews), God has called you to stir up your gift and stand on your post!!  Do what it is that he has anointed, appointed and ordained you to do!!  God expects for you to walk in the fullness his peace.  Just as Esther made the decision to accept who she was and stand on her post (Esther 4:16) so shall you. How can you walk in the fullness of his peace if you are out of his will?  When you are in his perfect will you are at peace with your circumstance(s) because you know that God is working things out for your good.  He’s working in you and through you.  Be at peace, trust him and allow him to operate through your gifts.  You have a purpose and a call.  God needs you now like never before. The purpose, the call and the gift work together because you are anointed for such a time as this!!!!

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