The Omega Trumpet: Time No Longer!

These are the words that God spoke:    7-16-15    12:47pm

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In this hour many will fall prey to Satan’s tricks and schemes.  My children know the way, but some are falling prey as well. Time out for church as you know it.  Get in your houses and pray.  Call prayer groups together for this nation.  Woe unto those who are rebelling against my wisdom in this hour.  Tell them time is at hand my daughter.  Tell them to get in my will before it is too late.


God is an all seeing God!  If you know that you are out of God’s will in any area of your life it’s time to repent and turn back to God!  Say this simple prayer: Lord forgive me for ??????, renew my heart and mind in you and help me to walk closely with you from this day forward.  Now, begin to read your bible and pray daily.  Make sure you are attending a bible teaching church and continue to grow in your relationship with God.

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