Daughters are Diamonds in the rough


Daughters are Diamonds in the rough is a ministry uniquely created for mothers and teenage daughters.  Mother daughter relationships can be rough and hard at times.  There are times and seasons of growth where pain is the catalyst for change, but no one wants to endure that pain for the sake of growth.  Mothers,  if you have teenage daughters who are mouthy, rebellious, disrespectful, confused, moody and complacent this is the blog for you.  Daughters are diamonds in the rough.  Remember, all diamonds are not the same!  Diamonds undergo a tremendous amount of pressure and cutting to become a precious gem.  Mothers, help is on the way!  Daughters, your time has come for you are a diamond in the rough.  Your character is being molded and shaped into who God called you to be.  Mothers and daughters humble yourselves as you go through this process, listen to God as he guides you through this difficult season with his loving hand.

Always pray and ask for God’s guidance through every circumstance and decision you may face.  Remember God is love and coupled with patience love is ALWAYS the key!  Remember moms this is only a process!! Chin up!  Don’t forget it’s the pressure that she is under and PRESSURE creates diamonds so be patient.

Read the word of God with your daughter daily.  Scriptures to meditate on……….

Psalms 1- builds character, encourages self reflection, activates discernment of good and evil

Esther 2: 9-12 the purification process, she is being purified for God has need of her

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