Daughters are Diamonds in the rough: State and Wait


Mothers, you have been praying and praying for your daughters and it seems like nothing is changing.  Don’t panic, God heard your prayers the first time you prayed.  Your daughter’s soul has to catch up with your prayers.  Yes, it sounds weird but your daughter’s soul is wounded.  In order for her soul to be healed you must continue on in prayer though you see no results.  When a soul is wounded it needs time to heal.  Your prayers are the healing balm for her wounds.  Keep praying and making your declarations of healing and deliverance. Decree and declare her healing daily!  Psalms 91 is a healing prayer, Psalms 1 is a prayer of consecration.  Decree and declare a thing and watch for signs of life!! Can these dry bones live?  Again he said unto me, Prophesy unto these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear ye the word of the Lord.    Ezekiel 37:4


If you decree and declare the word of God unto a thing surely it has to live, even the rebel soul of a wayward daughter has to line up and live!!

Mothers, I urge you to watch for signs that the dry bones are coming to life!! Continue to fast and pray!!  I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.    Phillipians 4:13

Declare the wisdom of God until the beauty that lies within her springs forth.  In this season there will be many changes coming forth.  Water God’s word with your faith.  Continue to decree, declare, consecrate yourself and meditate on God’s word.  Through this method your daughters will be made whole.

Rebuild your relationships with your daughters.  Spend quality time pouring into them life lessons that they will need in the days to come.

State the word of God and Wait for the results!!!!   STATE and WAIT!

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